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Hello to my handful of watchers, or people visiting my page. i doubt many of you are reading this, but I felt it was a good idea to introduce myself, and what this account is all about. 
To start off, my name is Aleksi, and I'm a fifteen year old Canadian kid. I live no where near the ocean, so I've yet to see a wild pod, but i hope to go see some Southern Residents in BC next year. I'm anti-cap but I'm not looking to get into arguments. I don't believe all captive orcas should be released, as some can't, but I do think captive breeding programs should stop and that cetacean's should be retired. There are a handful I would LOVE to see released such as Kshamenk, and Lolita, but I'm aware they can't simply be plopped in the ocean. My orca blog is Feel free to ask me stuff anywhere, like I'll respond for sure!
okay now for the art side of things! :D This blog is for cetacean or other ocean animals and nothing else. I do have another account which I on't update as much as I ought to but it's :iconbinkaminka: and it's a whole clusterfuck of things. 
I DO take requests! I haven't done commissions as I like to have control. If I don't want to draw something, i don't and I hate feeling like I must and that's why I don't do commissions. With requests, I do draw what most people ask and i seldom turn them down, but it may take me a while to get to them, so please be patient. But yeah, most of the time I love doing other's characters and whatnot so feel free to ask. I love doing art trades as well, so like note me or comment somewhere if you'd like to do that. I know i'm not the best artist, but that meas there' only room to improve, right?
Thanks for reading, if you did. Feel free to start up a conversation with me sometime or anything, and I hope you like my art. And if you don't, that's fine too! :D
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July 5, 2013


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