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Guardian's land by GypsySkye

I'm not expert when it comes to critiquing or digital art but I'll try my hand at this. One of my favourite things about this piece is ...

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Anger makes me a modern girl
Tumblr (below)


Digital Witness by Aleksi-Ann
Digital Witness
Annie Clark, or St. Vincent. Really like the color palette on this in her face, my background wash was done quite poorly tho lol whoops overall very divided feelings
Kathleen Hanna by Aleksi-Ann
Kathleen Hanna
Did this during a weekend welcome at University. I was supposed to buy textbooks, instead I bought new art supplies (and I am cursed! Every time I have to buy something academic related at the bookstore I leave with art supplies... i am stupid and impulsive and hopelessly in love with art supplies
Anyway this is Kathleen Hanna, of The Julie Ruin (and the mother of riot grrrl)
that grey spot is a defect on my iPod lense... I'm too lazy to scan anything sorry
Gravemarker by Aleksi-Ann
I made a big stepping stone with cement and glass shards (the words are glass shards) for my pup who died last November. I also painted it obviously. She's buried on a farm and I haven't been able to visit her yet, but hopefully this weekend I can bring this out to her. 
I can't believe it's almost been a year, gosh I still miss her
I'm happy with this, but I'll be very happy to not have to make another one anytime in the foreseeable future. 
Oh my Gosh it has been... a WHILE! 
What's new? I'm um, in college so that's fun I guess. All moved with my fish but unfortunately not my cat (but I live with a cool cat named chuck so that's nice). I like school mostly, hate chemistry but I always have. That's probably the most major change. I'm also not working for the first time in like 5 years which feels really weird, but it's nice! The school load is a bit heavier (not as bad as I anticipated) but because I'm not working I'm actually finding a lot more time for art than I had before! Moving has mostly been good for me, but I don't have any friends (I can't for the life of me initiate friendship) and I miss my cat so just like always, there are downfalls.
Art wise I've been very busy. Watercolour obsessed, I'm hoarding different brands (bought a new set today!) and I have a bit of an addiction but there's worse things to collect!
I did another sale, and I BOMBED. oh my GOD you guys it went so bad! I spent 124 dollars for my table and sold 40 bucks worth of goods it was soooo bad but hey that happens!
I just went to a fan expo, as a guest and not a vendor and I met Carrie Fisher! For those of you not Star Wars obsessed, she is Princess Leia and a bit of a personal hero for me for her wonderful sense of humour, and work de-stigmatizing mental illness. I painted her dog Gary and gave it to her, and she loved it! It got posted on Gary the dog's instagram and he followed me lol. So that was great, I've been feeling really great thanks to that lol
OH and DutchOrca and myself made a project together! A community project, where we slowly but surely will paint every captive orca. You can also draw or sculpt and if you want to join in on that fun, follow on instagram and make art with us!
Enough about that I guess! I'm not dead! Still very much active elsewhere (I suggest you follow my instagram if you want updates)

Now for a meme I stole from EarthEmerald 

Name: Aleksi

Gender: Female

Height : 5'3"
Weight : Just under 140

Hair color: Brown right now but naturally a mousey blonde I guess

Eye color: hazel

Age: 18

Grade: University? lmao 1st year

How many siblings do you have?: 2 sisters

Oldest,middle,youngest,: middle

Hair length: shoulder but before halloween i want to cut it all off

Type of hair?: super straight (the only thing about me that is lmao)

Favorite color?: blue

Favorite food: Pizza

Favorite desert: Saskatoon Berry Pie!

Favorite soup: vegetarian chili

Favorite drink: really cold water

Favorite season: autumn I guess

Favorite type of movies: depends on my mood? Usually horror because I really enjoy the special effects but I'll watch just about anything. lmao I usually don't go for romance unless it's like.... lesbian lmao then I will eat up the most cliche stuff 

Favorite type of music: Alternative Rock 

What type of artist are you? I'm a jack of a few trades. Primarily traditional art

Hot food or cold food: hot

1.Have you ever considered dying/actually dyed your hair? If so,what color?: um the first time i dyed my hair it was a chocolate brown, then a dark dark brown, then i went jet black for a while, and just last year i lightened it up again but it's still brown? A light brown! I probably won't dye it again for a while now as it's not cheap, so once I cut it as short as I plan I'll be back to my mousy blonde lol which I hate but whatever!

2.Do you like to read?: yeo

3. Do you prefer ear buds,headphones, or speakers?: Um... speakers if I'm alone but that's rare. Headphones only because they're a bit more durable? the pair I have right now are very comfortable and have lasted me longer than any earbuds (they are bluetooth so no wires for me to chew on!) and they sound/feel great. Usually headphones don't because I have glasses and the pressure hurts me, but I kicked in some extra money for a better pair and I have little complaints with that :)

Choose 3 of your popular deviations: 
The most viewed is my collar with Ano:
Seaworld's Gene Puddle by Aleksi-Ann
the most fav'd is
Bjossa, K'yosha, and Finna by Aleksi-Ann
my most popular anywhere online is one I actually hate but:
Shamu is Dead by Aleksi-Ann

If you had 3 wishes what would they be?
To not have to worry about money! I would drop out of school and do way more painting
For my cat to live forever because good god I was a wreck when my pup passed:(
Um??? More emotional confidence and stability maybe? lmao idk

1.Cats or Dogs?: Both if I'm allowed to answer that. Cat's match my energy level more but I've never met a dog I don't love. 

2.What's your most favorite character?(from any fandom): Dana Scully

3.Day or night?: Day

1. Do you like anime? If so, what is your favorite anime?: Not Really? I don't watch like series' I like a few movies because I really enjoy animation in general. If Princess Mononoke counts or ghibli films at all I like some of those, Kiki's Delivery Service I enjoyed too. And Ringing Bell which is a bit older but I liked, super weird and dark. The Cat Returns too! so. many. cats. 

2. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names and species?: ajgasflg I don't know? Living with me now is a cat named chuck, my betta fish pearl. At "home" is MY cat Mabel, my sister's cat Hugo, and my sister's betta (who I still mostly take care of, tank maintenance wise anyway) named Shimmer who rEFUSES TO DIE oh my gosh that fish has had every disease and still struggles so much but dammit she will not quit what a trooper.

Not going to tag anyone but feel free to steal! :)

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